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Sang Serene Blog

Chiang Mai Smog
20 Mar 2014 06:54

One of the many factors that makes Chiang Mai a desirable place to live is the weather. During the winter months the air is clear and the nights are cool. However, for approximately two months of the year (march and april) the air gets very bad. This is due to “slash and burn farming”. This is where farmers in Northern parts of Thailand burn their fields so that the ashes can fertilise the ground before the next crop rotation. Although the air is bad during slash and burn season, it is still [ ... ]

Are you a website developer looking to relocate to...
14 Mar 2014 09:31

Chiang Mai has become a hotspot for individuals and companies who are look to offer outsourced services at reduced costs. Here you will find a plethora of web designers, graphic designers, writers and various other creatives surviving and thriving thanks to the significantly reduce living expenses.  Chiang Mai is becoming known as a creative city and there are now initiatives in place to further establish the creative image of the city. One such organisation, known as “Chiang Mai Creative Ci [ ... ]

Are you looking to Teaching English in Chiang Mai?
13 Mar 2014 06:19

Below are some tips which may help you :  . Teaching Requirements You are generally required to be a native English speaker although it is not always necessary.  Having a university degree will help a lot but again, not entirely necessary unless you are looking to teach at the university level.   A TEFL or TESOL certificate will be very useful. Ensure that the training provider is CELTA (Cambridge certified). Schools prefer previous experience, but it's not essential.   Speaki [ ... ]

8 Random Facts About Thailand
11 Mar 2014 09:31

1. Although the word “Thai” has been said to mean “independence”, research has suggested that this is incorrect. After further investigation it would appear that word “Thai” means “people”, and it still used in that context in various rural areas.  2. Thailand is home to the worlds smallest mammal called Kitti's hog-nosed bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai). Thailand is also home to the worlds largest fish known as the whale shark. The Rhincodon typus is approximately 12 metres l [ ... ]

Chiang Mai - Songkran festival
11 Mar 2014 08:05

The Sonkran festival is basically a nationwide water fight that lasts for several days. Chiang Mai is renowned as one of the wildest locations for Sonkran. Tourists, both foreign and Thai, come to Chiang Mai to celebrate this event.   Sonkran is the traditional news years celebration (typically between the 13th and 15th of april). The Sonkran festival takes place during the hottest time of the year and is said to mark the end of the dry season. During which time, the streets fill up with peopl [ ... ]

A round-up of temples around Chiang Mai
16 Jan 2014 04:09

Wat Suan Dok Built in 1370, Wat Suan Dok is situated approximately 1km from the walls of the old city. Wat Suan Dok, translated into English means, “temple garden flower” as it was initially a royal flower garden and was given to a revered monk by King Kue Na. The temple features a large number of Chedis (a mound-like structure also referred to as a stupa). The tallest Chedis is 48 metres high.  ra That Doi Suthep Build in 1383, Wat Doi Suthep is one of the most famous and importa [ ... ]

Advantages and disadvantages of living in Chiang M...
15 Jan 2014 06:52

Advantages   ool Of course, Chiang Mai still get’s very hot during certain parts of the year, however, it is cooler and less humid than the south of Thailand. Additionally, the rainy season is less invasive. During the rainy season, it usually rains for about an hour or two each day.  ap Yes, I would say that Chiang Mai is one of the cheapest cities on Earth. You can pay as little as €33 a month for a basic room and as little as €0.6 for a reasonably sized bowl of noodle soup.  [ ... ]

Chiang Mai - A Brief Introduction
15 Jan 2014 03:20

Compared to Bangkok, the city of Chiang Mai is a small and relatively peaceful city. The city is surrounded by mountains and forests, which make up approximately 70% of the land in the Chiang Mai province. The city sits approximately 300 kilometres above sea level and is located approximately 700 kilometres from Bangkok. The population of the Chiang Mai province stands at around 1,600,000 although the city itself has an estimated 170,000 people.  Chiang Mai is home to many historically and cul [ ... ]

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